Individual Sales


In 2015 we are no longer offering on farm sales. The coop that I helped to start (Bayfield Foods) has grown every year and now all of my future sales will go through them and their various programs. Rest assured though, there are still several easy ways that Bayfield Foods offers to purchase beef from Hidden-Vue Farm including at the grocery store, centralized delivery to local towns, shipped direct to your door or even whole animals picked up at North Star Bison. (see below for more details on these programs)


Bayfield Foods- Wholesale

The Bayfield Foods - Wholesale Program delivers Hidden-Vue Farm beef to several grocery stores around Northern Wisconsin. Click on the above link to see a list of all stores and locations.


Bayfield Foods - Lake Superior CSA

The Bayfield Foods - Lake Superior CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We will have all your meats (beef, chicken, pork, fish and lamb) as well as vegetables, berries, apples, and more available. This is a great opportunity to order all your local foods and pick all of them up at four convenient locations. The Bayfield Foods - Lake Superior CSA offers centralized delivery to local towns and is very convenient if you live in or near Ashland, Iron RIver, Superior or Duluth.

Available this year we will once again have the Whole Diet Share which will supply you for 11 months of the year with everything we produce. This share is delivered either weekly or bi-weekly during the summer and monthly during the winter. This share includes vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, honey, and maple syrup. On this website you can order variety boxes of beef equivalent to 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 a steer as well as numerous other Special Order options like cheese, kim chi, bread, spritzer and coffee.To find out more and to place orders for the 2015 season please visit the Bayfield Foods - Lake Superior CSA by clicking on the above link.

Bayfield Foods - Ship Direct

The Bayfield Foods - Ship Direct program is a program that is just getting started. Eventually we want to offer most of our fantastic products that you can get through our Bayfield Foods - Lake Superior CSA (beef, pork, lamb, fish) and products that you can get through our Special Order program (kim chi, cheese, fruit, jams, jellies and coffee). At this time we are only offering select products from our beef and lamb producers. Keep checking back in with us as we grow. We will be offering new products continually throughout 2015.

Whole animals from Hidden-Vue Farm

Hidden-Vue Farm also offers a whole steer purchase option where you are responsible for picking up the whole steer from the processing plant. Our plant is North Star Bison Processing and it is close to Ladysmith, WI. Our steers average around 600-650 pound carcass weight and we charge $3.00 a pound. So your cost to Hidden-Vue Farm is usually around $1800-$1950. All processing costs are the responsibility of the purchaser and typically run around $400.

Steers are usually available in July and again in December. You will usually recieve about 350 pounds of meat. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a whole steer. We do require a non-refundable deposit of $350 to reserve a steer. You can pay by check or click on the PayPal button below to pay with PayPal or your Credit Card. It is a good idea to contact us at least several months in advance to be sure we can reserve a steer for you.

Our beef is State Inspected and processed at North Star Bison in Conrath, WI.  Hidden-Vue farm was certified organic from 2005 until 2013 but we are no longer certified. Our cattle and sheep are raised according to organic standards with one exception (they are fed hay from fields that were commercially fertilized).









To learn more about Hidden-Vue farm and how we raise our beef, please visit our website at