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Hidden-Vue Farm will only have a couple of yearling bulls for sale this year (2015). That's the bad news. The good news is if you are looking for Purebred Devon and Crossbred Devon genetics there will be a can't miss sale this Spring at Daniel Marquardt's Hillside Pastures farm in Spring Green Wisconsin and Hidden-Vue Farm will be consigning multiple animals to this sale.

The Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Workshop and Cattle Sale will take place on May 16th and the sales manager is Jeremy Engh, owner of Lakota Ranch in Virginia. Lakota Ranch has the largest Purebred Devon herd in the country.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to purchase Red Devon genetics. Hidden-Vue farm will consign several bred heifers that are due to calve as three year olds in Spring 2015. We will also have several Purebred Devon cattle in the sale. In addition there will be 21 Hidden-Vue Farm heifer calves on location at the sale. The top calves from this group will be offered for sale.

For more information on this sale call Daniel Marquardt at (608) 588-5367 or click here for the sale catalog.

If you are looking to purchase grass-fed Devon genetics this sale is THE PLACE TO BE. There will be between 40 and 50 head of Purebred Devon and high percentage Devon bulls, cows and heifers. And you do not have to drive all the way to the East Coast to purchase these genetics. Plan on attending this sale and looking over the best Devon genetics the Midwest has to offer!

Hope to see you at the sale.




We will have one or two Purebred Devon cows available for sale in Spring 2014.

Devon Lane Julie (3/5/2003) Purebred Devon

Julie is the first purebred cow that I ever purchased. She has been ultrasounded and was the 2nd tenderest cow in our herd and her Intramuscular Fat percentage was 7.75, with 8.0 being Prime. She has also been linear measured by Gearl Fry and scored 4.7 out of 5. She has an excellent udder that looks like it belongs on a cow half her age.

She has given me 6 calves in a row. Four of them were heifers out of (Rotokawa 688, Rotokawa 982, Rotokawa Stocklad and Wilson a 688 son). The only reason I can sell her is that I have plenty of her bloodline in my herd with these heifers.


Short video of Julie walking

Julie's Pedigree

Julie Pedigree




We do not have any heifers for sale on farm at this time.

We are however going to be offering a few select, high quality bred heifers due to calve as 3 year olds in Spring 2015, for sale at the Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Workshop and Select Sale this Spring.

Check back shortly and we will have pictures, pedigrees and videos of the heifers that we intend to sell at this sale.

This sale will be a fantastic opportunity for you to purchase Purebred Devon's as well as the best high percentage Devon heifers and cows available. Now you can purchase top notch Devon cattle without having to drive to the East Coast! The sale is managed by Jeremy Engh, ownder of Lakota Ranch, which is the largest Purebred Devon herd in America.

For more information about this sale, including sale date, location and animals for sale please click here.



We will not have any older bulls for sale in 2015. We will have several yearling bulls to choose from.

Check back soon as there will be pictures, pedigrees and video of these bulls soon.



All of our 2014 heifer calves have already been sold this year. But, there is still a chance for you to purchase some of them. A select few of these heifer calves will be for sale at the Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Workshop and Select Sale in Spring Green Wisconsin this May 16th. This is your chance to purchase top quality Devon genetics and not have to drive to the East Coast to get them. This sale is managed by Jeremey Engh, owner of Lakota Ranch the largest Purebred Devon herd in America.

Jeremy Engh will be choosing the best calves from a group of 21 and they will be offered for sale. Click here for more information about these heifers and other animals consigned to this sale.



Sold in 2009

Hidden-Vue Sunny Lane

Hidden-Vue Sunny Lane